So, Why Goats Milk?

Goats milk has been used since 1400 BC as a cosmetic aid, with Cleopatra being the most well-known advocate of goats milk.  

However, more recently (!), one study by Riberio and Riberio (2010) outlined the benefits of goat’s milk in skin care products, principally:

  • * As goat’s milk has a similar pH to human skin, it can assist with cleansing of skin without having harsh or allergenic side effects.
  • * It is a good moisturising agent – the smaller fat molecules found in goat’s milk having a more penetrative effect on the skin.
  • * The capric and caprylic acids found in goat’s milk are believed to have a protective and regenerative effect on the skin.

Oils and Butters

All of the five oils and butters included within my soaps are carefully chosen for their skin and soap enhancing qualities.

  • Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter – for their moisturising, skin-loving qualities.
  • Coconut Oil – for its wonderful bubbles and cleansing abilities.
  • Olive oil – for its mildness to skin.
  • Castor Oil – The essential fatty acids in castor oil help retain the skin’s moisture balance

Essential Oils and Botanicals

As with my oils and butters, I select my 100% natural essential oils and plant botanicals carefully, not only for their wonderful aromas, but also for their skin enhancing properties, including:

  • Lavender – With a sweet, herbaceous scent and woody undertones, this is regarded as one of the most versatile essential oils.  It can be used for all skin types and can help with inflammation, eczema and psoriasis.
  • Sweet Orange – Particularly helpful for dull and oily complexions, it has an anti-inflammatory action.  This oil has a fresh fruity scent and blends well with chamomile.
  • Geranium – An aromatic and uplifting aroma with green, rosy notes, geranium is used extensively as a fragrance.  It has been known to be helpful with acne, congested skin, dermatitis, mature skin and broken capillaries.

All Todburn Goats Milk Soaps and Todburn shampoo bars have undergone cosmetic safety assessment and comply with current UK & EU legislation. They have been tested on humans not animals.

What I don’t use…

I do not use Palm oil in my goats milk soaps.

I do not use synthetic fragrances, Parabens or SLS.

*Ribeiro & Ribeiro (2010), Speciality Products Made from Goat Milk (Small Ruminant Research)