Lavender & Orange Conditioning Shampoo Bars (45g)


For a long time, my lovely customers have asked for a conditioner bar to go alongside the shampoo bars and I found this impossible to produce as all the potentially suitable ingredients were palm based.

However, I have found a cationic (good for hair!) honey-derived conditioner which I think conditions well, leaving the hair soft and smooth.

Lavender & Orange – Infused with Lavender and orange essential oils, this delicately scented bar is suitable for all hair types.

Directions for use:
Wet hair. Rub bar gently on hair and scalp and massage until desired lather achieved. Rinse. Some people may want to condition after if their hair is dry or processed but see how you get on – I find it has enough conditioner but see how you get on. Style as normal.

About the Ingredients:
On first impression, the conditioning shampoo bars might have unfamiliar-sounding ingredients but, hopefully by reading below, you will see that they are in fact very gentle and great for your hair:

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate is a mild foaming agent derived from coconuts. It has high foaming performance whilst being extremely mild, leaving your hair soft and silky. It is naturally derived, palm free and biodegradable.

Panthenol Powder (Pro vitamin B5) improves the texture of hair whilst also improves suppleness, strength and sheen.
Wheat, corn and soy proteins are combined to enhance the hairs’ moisture binding ability by penetrating the hair shaft, strengthening the hair and improving elasticity and shine.

Hydroxypropyltrimonium honey (sorbic acid and water) make up the honey-based conditioning agent; it is twice as effective as glycerin at hydrating hair.

I use cosmetic grade mineral pigments to add colour to the shampoo bars as I found the botanicals tended to fade too quickly. These can be identified by a CI number.

As with my soaps, I only use carefully chosen pure essential oils to add fragrance and for their hair enhancing properties.

These shampoo bars are long-lasting, great for the environment, perfect for travel or the gym, suitable for everyday use and, in my humble opinion, just fab! They are palm-free and are suitable for vegetarians.