Our Herd


Daisy is a British Guernsey-type goat and Matriarch of my herd. Despite being rather ‘bossy’, she has taught me an enormous amount about dairy goats and goat keeping in general. Always first through the door at feeding time, the other girls respect her decisions at all times. Very intelligent, she also has a softer side and loves nothing more than to be fussed and groomed.


Hyacinth is a gorgeous first time milker who has two beautiful twin kids, Peony and Primrose, who look very much like her.

She loves cuddles and is quite vocal if she thinks she is being left out of anything.


Dandelion is the most docile, gentle goat. She is a beautiful British Guernsey, who did well in the local show as a kid and goatling.

She was recently a ring bearer at a local wedding (much to the pleasure and surprise of the bride) and revelled in all the local news coverage. She had her first kid this year; the adorable, tiny ‘Squirrel’ – so called because of her bright red colouring and her ability to climb and explore everything.


Lupin and Bluebell are the other two adult members of the herd. Lupin first kidded in 2018 but is having a year off this year. As Daisy’s granddaughter, she is high ranking within the herd but is definitely more interested in oatcakes than hierarchy….as her current waistline would confirm.

Bluebell is her daughter and rather special, as she is the first home bred kid of the Todburn Herd. She has done well in the show ring locally, and is the ‘Poster Girl’ of Todburn Soaps. Kind in nature but teenage in attitude, she currently is escaping out of every gate given the tiniest whiff of opportunity.