Our Herd


Marigold is Daisy’s daughter.  One of my current milkers, she is placid in nature, and is particularly fond of the odd Rich Tea biscuit.  Her 2021 kid, Rosie, is also within my herd; she seems to have inherited Daisy’s feisty nature and wins the title of ‘most naughty goatling’ currently!! 


Hyacinth is British Guernsey type goat and is currently my main milking goat, having had her second set of kids last year.  She’s quite a vocal goat but, like Daisy, likes nothing more than some fuss.  Her first two kids Primrose and Peony are living in Hexham now and I have her 2021 kid, Elderflower, whilst her brother, Herbie, lives in the Scottish Borders with a lovely family.


Dandelion is the most docile, gentle goat. She is a beautiful British Guernsey, who did well in the local show as a youngster.  Her claim to fame was being a ring bearer at a local wedding (much to the pleasure and surprise of the bride) and revelled in all the local news coverage.  I have both of her kids; Squirrel who is 3 and her 2021 kid, Poppy.  Both of her two kids have her docile and friendly nature and are utterly gorgeous, like her.  Dandelion is the third member of my milking team just now.


As Daisy’s granddaughter, Lupin is quite high ranking in the herd and I suspect will usurp Daisy in the fullness of time (if Hyacinth doesn’t).  Despite being quite mature in age at 7, she is the most scatty goat of my herd and should have been called Loopy not Lupin!  Her two daughters, Holly and Foxglove, are living a lovely life at Deen City Farm in London.