Conditioning Shampoo Bars


These are new reformulated conditioning shampoo bars and, I have to say, I’m as pleased as punch with them!

Not only are they VEGAN and PALM FREE, they work brilliantly and leave your hair feeling so soft and manageable.

For a long time, there just weren’t many palm-free options for enhancing the conditioning properties of shampoo bars in any meaningful way but, now……it was time to go back to the drawing board and reformulate.

Directions for Use:

Wet your hair, gently rub the shampoo bar on your head until you reach a good lather and then massage the lather into your head and scalp.  Once done, rinse out and then condition (if you still need to) and style as normal.

For most people, these will be quite conditioning enough – however, those with dryer hair, very long or processed hair, may still want a little additional conditioner.

They last a long time – about the same as a bottle of your normal shampoo and just think of the air miles, water and plastic you are saving!  I have packaged them in UK-made aluminium tins which are recyclable and endlessly reusable, making them perfect for travel or the gym.

Let’s talk ingredients:

French Clays – marvellous for making your hair soft and nourishing the scalp.

Cocoa Butter – Brilliant as a sealant for hair and provides hair protection.

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate and Cocamidopropyl Betaine are a mild foaming agents. They have high foaming performance whilst being extremely mild, leaving your hair soft and silky. They are naturally derived, palm free and biodegradable.

BTMS PF – is a palm free, cationic (good for hair!) emulsifier and conditioner – it imparts spring and bounce to hair and noted for its exceptional mildness.

D-Panthenol 75 improves the texture of hair whilst also improves suppleness, strength and sheen.

Brassica Alcohol – a palm free thickening agent which reduces hair breakage due to tangling and softens the hair, making it more manageable.

Wheat, corn and soy proteins are combined to enhance the hairs’ moisture binding ability by penetrating the hair shaft, strengthening the hair and improving elasticity and shine.

Dehydroacetic acid and Benzyl alcohol – a COSMOS and EcoCert approved preservative system.

As with my soaps, I only use carefully chosen pure essential oils to add fragrance and for their hair enhancing properties.

Available in three gorgeous fragrances –

  • Limoncello
  • Sweet Chamomile
  • Rosemary & Mint.

Suitable for all hair types and for everyday use.